Distance Learning

Distance Learning at Primary Day!

Our distance learning program is mission-aligned, strategic and mirrors the school experience every learner enjoys on campus. The passion of our faculty and their dedication and commitment to education are the guiding principles that engage our program, whether in the classroom or in distance learning. In designing high-impact virtual curricula for our young learners, we may adjust the method in which we deliver instruction but this does not alter our approach to education and our expectations for outcomes.

To insure that students stay motivated and engaged in learning, even when they are not physically at school, each teacher will establish conditions where students have a clear sense of purpose, opportunities to express themselves, and experiences that allow them to work toward mastery. We will work to balance synchronous and asynchronous teaching so that children and teachers can connect virtually and students can achieve at their own pace.

Since the launch of our distance learning program in March 2020, we have strived to respond to the ever-changing needs of our families and children. At the heart of all great teaching and learning, which incidentally, has always been at the core of the program at Primary Day, monitoring and adjusting is grounded in the belief that differentiated, developmentally-appropriate programming is both flexible and purposeful. This mission-based flexibility, whether learning, on-campus or ‘virtually’, is key to our children’s success. Our commitment to their achievement is steadfast. This is who we are.