Capital Campaign

It Starts Here is more than our campaign theme. The Campaign – energized by a 75-year retrospective of the families and staff who made Primary Day – is the springboard for the next 75 years. More than just a look back at Primary Day’s history, the retrospective has reinforced our collective understanding that our teachers will always be at the absolute center of the Primary Day experience. That’s why the IT STARTS HERE Campaign is dedicated to our teachers –  our commitment to a strong, lasting financial foundation for compensating, developing, and retaining our teaching staff. The success of the Primary Day program depends on its extraordinary educators; their passion for their craft, commitment to their students and expertise and thought leadership in their fields.

Campaign Cabinet

Mikel and David Blair – Campaign Co-Chairs
Cathy and Robert Butz – Campaign Co-Chairs
Sandra and Adam Fine – Leadership Gifts Co-Chairs
Jennifer and Israel Puterman – Leadership Gifts Co-Chairs
Carolyn and Clay Kingsley – Leadership Gifts Committee 
Darya and Ali Niroo – Leadership Gifts Committee
Louise Plumb – Leadership Gifts Committee
Catherine Emmerson – Past Parent Ambassador
Deanna and Mack Wells – General Campaign Co-Chairs
Jack Chu and Erin Carmany – General Campaign Co-Chairs
Jennifer Miller – Advancement Committee Co-Chair
Alla Iaquinto – Advancement Committee Co-Chair

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